Practice Areas

Practice Areas

All our skilled engineers are aligned with one of the following Practice Areas.

Applications & Enterprise Software

We are recognised as a software centre of excellence which can swiftly deliver and develop high quality software applications. We develop new applications and enterprise developments, and also take on clients' existing codebases. Our capabilities allow us to rapidly address market needs by compelling prototypes and subsequently with fully featured and robust software systems.

Communication & Sensing

Our capabilities include Array Processing, Communication Algorithms and Wireless Protocols. Application of these capabilities is not just limited to that of data communications but also ensuring wireless communication systems are resilient.

The Sensing element of the practice is supported by our Acoustic Processing, Image Processing and Detectors capabilities.  Recently our Acoustic Processing capability has provided new offerings such as temperature and airflow tomography, damage detection within industrial systems, and also steerable directional microphones.

Our Image Processing capability naturally splits into two areas, firstly that of 3D vision processing, for making measurements of scenes and determining topologies of objects; and secondly that of 2D image processing. Combining our image processing capability with that of Autonomous Platforms has provided us with unique offerings in the area of intelligent unmanned systems.

Data Science

Our capabilities focus on different aspects of extracting knowledge from large volumes of complex data, specifically 'Big Data Processing', 'Machine Learning' and 'Packet Processing'. Underpinning many of these capability areas and giving us a competitive advantage is our proven capability in Network Protocols and High Speed Processing.

Equipment & Prototype Development

In addition to the supply of equipment we provide advice, consultancy and research into all associated areas: the underlying physics, materials, test, measurement and compliance. We design for large scale manufacture but an important part of our work is our ability to provide rapid prototypes.

Underpinning all of this is our Hardware Services area which provides on-site test equipment, manufacturing, and design capabilities.

Information Security

We analyse, protect and validate information in secure systems. The practice brings together technology with cyber and assurance capabilities to protect information by:

  • Threat identification, vulnerability detection, and threat detection
  • Analysis of software and software development
  • Security research, including cryptography
  • Network security and security standards
  • Conformance, accreditation and forensic investigation

Technical Business Consultancy

This Practice Area provides the tools, techniques, processes and people, in conjunction with deep rooted technical and domain expertise, to enable our clients to:

  • Assess the potential of technological innovation to deliver operational benefit
  • Make informed and evidenced decisions across the acquisition and project lifecycles
  • Specify, design, deliver and transition capability in support of their business goals

This encompasses Systems Engineering, Enterprise Architecture, Operational Analysis (Decision Support) and Capability Assessment.