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Tracking & Location Expertise

From miniature GPS receivers to complete systems which can track aircraft, Roke offers world class expertise in positioning, tracking and timing technologies.

We have invested significantly and grown our surveillance team over the last decade and have a good international reputation in location and tracking technologies.

Recent examples of our work include:


vigilanceVigilanceTM World leading Wide Area Multilateration (WAM)

World leading Wide Area Multilateration (WAM) aircraft tracking system which can be deployed anywhere. Visit the Vigilance microsite.



mspsrMulti Static Primary Surveillance Radar (MSPSR)

Pioneering study and analysis has been conducted for EUROCONTROL to help define Multi Static Primary Surveillance Radar - an important surveillance technology of the future. This promises to follow in the successful footsteps of Roke's Vigilance technology for secondary surveillance, and offer ANSPs a very cost effective primary surveillance solution with significant performance benefits e.g. detection of low visibility aircraft such as VLJs.

  • pdf_16Safer Flights and Reduced Waiting Times
    Customer EUROCONTROL
    Challenge To support the introduction of Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) almost every aircraft type, in every fleet operating in Europe, would need to have its height keeping performance evaluated. Not only is that a large number of aircraft, but they had to be monitored at heights of up to 41,000 feet with an accuracy of 25 feet.
    Approach To ensure deadlines were met with the minimum of risk, Roke concentrated on developing its own advanced timing solution. The aim was to achieve an incredible accuracy of one nanosecond between the receivers. Some research into this technology had already been ongoing at Roke prior to the European RVSM programme, but a fully developed solution now had to be implemented rapidly.
    Benefits The two systems installed by Roke currently track a total of more than 1000 flights per day. This level of coverage means that many aircraft are automatically monitored, saving valuable resources, and providing the necessary evidence to EUROCONTROL to support the Safety Case for RVSM.
  • Multilateration Multilateration involves fixing an object's position by reference to the difference in time of arrival of a signal at a collection of sensors. For example, our Vigilance receiver for aircraft tracking which is supported by simulation tools for ease of planning and deployment.

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