Full life-cycle development and support.

Combining our broad technological expertise with extensive commercial experience of producing high density volume electronics allows us to develop rugged, cost effective product COTS based designs that deliver enhanced capability. Our in-house production facilities enables rapid prototyping where required.

  • Our dedicated in-house production facilities include, electronic and mechanical CAD, surface mount assembly equipment, fully fitted machine shop and test facilities.

    Integrated PCB / Mechanical Design & Manufacture

    Roke offers a complete integrated PCB and mechanical design service under one roof. This integrated approach means our clients don't have to manage the design of their PCB and enclosure across two organisations - which gives them more time, reduces their costs, and shortens the development time.

    PCB / mechanical design capability highlights:

    • Multilayer PCB designs to 22 Layer High speed designs up to 10GHz
    • Thorough simulation and analysis Innovative, ruggedised enclosures
    • Thermal analysis Rapid prototyping
    • RF high frequency designs Design for manufacture and assembly
    • Reduced development times

    The close co-operation between the PCB and mechanical design teams, and the use of compatible tools, enables the PCB and mechanical designs to be developed collaboratively. This tight integration yields shorter design times and more reliable results.

    Right First Time

    We use comprehensive simulation tools to ensure our designs are right first time which in turn avoids additional costs and delays to your programme.

    Our PCB and mechanical designs are prepared with manufacture and assembly in mind; and depending upon the volumes required, we can even undertake production here.

    In-house For small batch quantities (2 to 100's of units) we can produce, assemble and test units on-site.
    • Automated pick and place PCB assembly.
    • 4-axis rapid CNC machining and other rapid prototyping techniques.
    • Electromechanical assembly and test.
    • Test facilities using the latest equipment.
    Production Line For larger quantities we will select one of our approved manufacturing centres where we assist in tool trials, sample approvals, and oversee the introduction of the parts onto the production line.

  • Personal Locator Beacon
    Customer Signature Industries (SI)
    Challenge Looking to build on their excellent reputation in the search & rescue beacon market, Signature Industries were looking for a development partner to deliver the next generation Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).
    Personal Locator Beacon
    Approach Initially we were asked to quote for the electronics development of the new PLB but after a few meetings SI were convinced that we were capable of developing the entire product. We undertook the entire product development which included concept, development, electronics, mechanics, software and development testing. Production Automated Test Equipment (ATE) was also developed for SI at their request.
    Benefits The resulting Personal Locator Beacon not only ensured that Signature Industries secured their lead customers, but also set new standards at a global level for functionality and performance versus weight. The PLB ensured that Signature Industries remain in a dominant market position.

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