Delivering in-theatre capability to address urgent operational requirements.

Current operations are conducted in extremely difficult environments and against multiple agile asymmetric threats. When engaged in conflicts of this type it is vitally important to maintain a technical and operational advantage over your opponent and deliver operational capability in a timely manner. The safety of personnel and equipment deployed on operations depend upon the capabilities we provide.

Roke offers state-of-the-art, innovative product developments to address UORs in the following fields:

  • Acoustics
  • Radar
  • Communications
  • Secure networking
  • Electronic warfare

Roke has a 50 year track record of successfully delivering and supporting battle winning capability to the front line under the most demanding time constraints. For more information please contact us.

  • A coherent and integrated in-house capability covering all aspects of design, prototype, production, test, delivery and support.

    • Design - full on site mechanical and electrical design capability to support bespoke or volume production requirements.
    • Prototyping - comprehensive facilities for fast prototyping in a variety of materials.
    • Production - scalable production process optimised for rapid product delivery.
    • Test - full test and inspection capabilities in-house, including two anechoic chambers, EMC chamber, and high voltage facility.
    • Support - in-theatre support using our dedicated team of domain experts.
  • pdf_16Helping the British Army Keep the Peace
    Customer British Army
    Challenge To provide peace keeping operations with the capability to detect any ceasefire violation. HALO Trials
    Approach Our world class expertise in acoustics enabled us to deliver an operational solution called 'HALO' (Hostile Artillery Locator) with the ability to detect any hostile fire up to 30km away.
    Benefits HALO provided the British Army with a cost effective, flexible system that could be used 24 hours a day in all weather conditions, in any location developed and delivered within just six months.

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