No Hiding Place

HALO - Hostile Artillery Locator

"... a contract (was) placed, and the system deployed within a matter of months. It made its first successful detection almost immediately."

UK Minister of State for Defence Procurement, Mr. James Arbuthnot, speaking in 1996.

The world's leading acoustic locator of guns and mortars on the battlefield.

Developed by Roke in just 6 months in response to a UOR, HALO®, is a flexible, adaptive system for determining the position of guns, mortars and shell bursts on the battlefield using state of the art acoustic signal processing techniques.

As a passive system, HALO® identifies hostile weapon locations without giving away its position - a significant benefit over radar based systems. This also means the opposing forces cannot detect that they are being monitored, which is advantageous in politically sensitive situations.

HALO® is now sold worldwide in partnership with Selex Galileo.

Hostile Artillery Locator datasheet