Leading technology consultancy and
product development


Providing healthcare product development and process improvement utilising leading edge technology.

Roke has a pedigree in delivering cutting edge innovation and systems engineering and has been solving difficult customer problems in sensors, wireless communications and information systems that can be applied across the healthcare industry.

Our trusted and pioneering technological innovations give our healthcare clients' medical devices competitive advantage. Using Roke means our clients need fewer development iterations and get their devices to market before their competitors. In a highly competitive and regulated market, we ensure our customers medical innovation and development needs are met first time, every time.

Healthcare is becoming increasingly reliant on technological innovation to deliver adequate health services. We provide our clients with a wide range of skills including hardware and software development, mechanical engineering and design-for–manufacturer as well as human sciences and human factors expertise. Our capabilities include:

  • RF design and manufacture
  • Design risk mitigation through pre-compliance testing and modelling
  • Data management and data analytics
  • Visual processing and sensor systems
  • Bespoke mobile and wireless communications
  • Network design, optimisation and security

Roke helps its clients' develop innovative solutions for their healthcare products and services ranging from large medical scanners to implantable devices and across various challenging environments.