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Telehealth and telecare product development and consultancy.

The provision of Assisted Living through telehealth and telecare is at the forefront of many innovations in the medical arena. Numerous systems are being developed that provide in-home solutions for personalised healthcare for patients with chronic conditions and those released early from hospital as well as preventative methods for pre-emptive identification of healthcare problems.

Telemedicine developments promise to make diagnosis and treatment more manageable, shifting the point of care to more convenient and less costly locations. With our world class engineering teams and our track record in medical device development, Roke supports and provides advice, design consultancy and product development for telehealth products. Our services range from enabling safe and secure wireless communications in medical and wellness devices, bespoke hardware design services for telehealth products and home rehabilitation tools. Roke skills enable our clients to remain at the forefront of telehealth developments, ensuring that:

  • Individuals across a wide geographical area can be diagnosed and treated immediately without the need for them to travel to distant medical facilities.
  • The elderly can retain the freedom to live their lives at home without the need for institutionalisation or becoming a burden to their families.



Remote Sensing

Roke's expertise provides an ideal match in designing, developing and optimising in-home systems . Our specialism's in low power sensors, power scavenging and visual motion anomaly detection can help clients design and develop low maintenance hardware solutions for telehealth and telecare applications. Roke technology agnostic approach ensures that the clients receive an optimised solution irrespective of the technology provider as well as making Roke ideally placed to provide independent design reviews for existing systems.

Data Management and Security

The ability to collect data in a telehealth and telecare environment is a building block to an all encompassing system that links patients with medical personnel in a timely manner. In order to improve efficiency throughout the health services, data must be categorised and presented to the medical personnel in a manner conducive to its prioritisation.

Roke has an extensive track record in data security and, managing and analysing the prioritisation of data in real-time. Roke's background in Lawful Intercept allows us to develop bespoke algorithms and hardware to analyse data to provide real-time analysis of multi-user medical data. This allows data to be prioritised and presented to medical personnel in a timely manner to maximise their and the system's efficiency.

Additionally, Roke can use its SmartSwitch™ technology to prioritise the data at source and actively manager network data transfer to optimise bandwidth and tariff charges. Read more about SmartSwitch™

Roke provides services that support your products throughout their lifespan from design for manufacture/compliance, mid-life upgrades and through life support.

Telehealth Development Capabilities

Post Deployment
Modem selection study (capabilities & cost vs needs)
Expertise in TI OMAP (Multi core devices)
Regulatory certifications pre-scanning
Automated equipment for site survey of M2M installation
Alarm correlation for fault monitoring
Major manufacturers
•Sierra Wireless
Low power microprocessors
Multi-radio interaction / interference management
Environment sensors
Network and device security, communication authenticity and data evidentially
Device connectivity management software
Embedded Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Network access management & supervision
Automatic configuration and calibration of M2M devices
Data analytics on "in flight" events as they happen
Antenna integration
COTS Modules – e.g. Logic PD Torpedo, Gumstix
RAN Signalling Reduction (Data Aggregation)
Remote configuration of M2M devices
Data analytics, data mining and reporting on landed data in a data-warehouse
Embedded operating systems (Linux, Android, QNX)
Best Connectivity Mode Selection
Reliability assessments for software and hardware in order to budget for SLAs
Secure software development
Integration of network / service provider billing & charging policies

Technologies for Telehealth