Enhancing Industrial Performance

Providing product development and process improvement utilising leading edge technology.

Roke's technical and product development expertise is bringing new capabilities to process and manufacturing industries. Our expertise is based upon world leading capabilities in communications, sensing and tracking:

  • Communications - Radio telemetry, networking and security
  • Sensing - radar, radio, acoustic and vision
  • Tracking - RFID
  • We can find the best technical solution to meet your requirements.

    Often the best technology to solve a given application is not obvious with many trade-offs to be made. Our consultancy will efficiently analyse your application and determine the best approach drawing on our experience from a wide range of technologies.

    Problems Solved

    Wireless Building Control

    To reduce installation costs of building automation equipment Siemens Buildings Technologies (SBT) required a wireless network. Working with SBT in the design and architecture of the system, Roke helped develop an IEEE 802.15.4 based solution which including mesh networking. System simulations were developed to model the complex interaction to evaluate performance, and avoided the need to build complex trial networks.

    High-speed RFID
    Passive RFID is designed mainly for static operation, however its convenience and low cost has made other applications feasible. For example, in vehicle and rail wagon identification, where items may be moving at speed. Operating RFID in this way, outside of the original specification, meant its performance would be uncertain. Using our expertise we analyzed the expected performance and reliability and confirmed predictions with measured data.

    Patent Assessment for Vision Product
    Before embarking on a vision based sensing product our customer needed to ensure their product would not be restricted by patents. Using our own patent and domain knowledge, with assistance from Siemens internal patent lawyers based at Roke, we identified the most appropriate techniques to use that were not restricted by existing patents, ensuring their product could be developed and sold worldwide.

  • Roke's design expertise gets you first to market with leading edge technology products.

    Siemens RF600Our leading edge technical expertise is combined with experience of developing products for volume manufacture. We have developed many products for our customers working closely with their factory to ensure early consideration of manufacture and test constraints and hence a low risk transition from design to manufacture.


    • Technology expertise
    • Design for volume manufacture, including automatic test
    • Mechanical, electronic and thermal design
    • Extensive testing capabilities including RF and high voltage test chambers
    • In-house rapid prototyping for early product proving

    Please contact us to discuss your product requirements.