Intercept and direction finding capability


Digital Wideband Receiver 16 - DWR16

The DWR16 offers simultaneous monitoring of four HF channels and periodic snapshots of the full HF spectrum.

The narrowband variant has four 32kHz channels; the wideband variant has a single 2MHz channel with narrowband channels derived in software.

DWR16 Datasheet
Digital Wideband Receiver


Multi-channel Digital Wideband Receiver 16 - MCDWR16

The MCDWR16 offers multichannel monitoring and combines a maximum of nine DWR16 receivers into a convenient 2U package.

The receivers can be configured to provide up to 36 simultaneous, independently tuned, narrowband frequency channels. Alternatively, Direction Finding (DF) is supported over a maximum of four simultaneous frequency channels. Two MCDWR16 units can be connected together for larger systems.

MCDWR16 Datasheet
Multi-channel Digital Wideband Receiver


Sarsen - Crossed Loop Antenna

A broadband, omni-directional antenna designed for reception of HF signals between 1-30MHz.

The robust, self-supporting design consists of a combined monopole with crossed loops which provides excellent coverage over the entire upper hemisphere. This passive antenna offers simultaneous reception of vertical, right-handed and left-handed circular polarisations, and has integral matching transformers to permit direct connection to 50ohm systems.

Sarsen Datasheet
Crossed Loop Antenna


Strategic HF Signals Intelligence

DWR16 is a member of the LOCATE suite of integrated products which can be utilised to deploy a complete HF monitoring and SIGINT system, or used individually to replace elements within an existing system.