Business, operational and technological risk management for the automotive sector.

Automotive technology is set to fundamentally change the way we think about, use, and operate our vehicles. They will form a part of multiple complex system of systems, from smartphone capabilities for the in-car touchscreen, to car-to-car connectivity and eventually the self-driving car. The automotive industry is set to change dramatically in the coming years. While these technologies are new for this sector, the underlying capabilities have typically been proven in other sectors - many of which Roke have already pioneered systems in.

With 50% of the cost of vehicle manufacture now being in electronics, OEMs and their supply chain need to understand emerging technologies, predict technology developments, and plan investment strategies. Roke has the experience to support you across a range of enabling technologies which include:

  • Autonomy - requires trustworthy machine situational awareness delivered by robust sensing and communication systems.
  • Connectivity - requires secure flexible communication architectures which make the best use of the physical infrastructure available.
  • Systems of Systems - requires an integrated approach to development to ensure requisite system properties and interoperability
  • Car Ownership Model - requires business model innovation and the concept of social ownership and mobility as a service.

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If you need the confidence that comes from a company that has already worked, and in many cases already solved, the technology barriers that face the automotive industry then please get in touch.

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