Trusted advice and support to a range of government departments and agencies.

As a nation we face an unprecedented set of challenges in the defence and national security domains. Roke is proud of its longstanding commitment to support our law enforcement and military personnel. We partner with government agencies and wider industry to provide services which help keep our police, servicemen and women, and the broader public safe and secure.


Mission critical end-to-end concepts and solutions to provide secure and robust data communications for a range of challenging operational theatres.

Cyber Electromagnetic Activities

Advances in complex systems to deliver mission success in the increasingly crowded EW spectrum.


Affordable and disruptive concepts for Low Earth Orbit satellite-borne defence C4ISR applications.


Naval & Maritime

Innovative and disruptive technologies to address difficult challenges in the naval and maritime sector.


Our contract R&D and consultancy services provide the UK MOD and HMG with capabilities that are enabled by communications, networks and information systems. To find out more about our expertise in defence and security please contact us.