Naval & Maritime

Naval & Maritime

Innovative and disruptive technologies and solutions underpinned by technical excellence and intelligent insight.

Roke has a strong heritage of successful projects in the maritime domain. Our expertise is in the exploitation of sensor and communications technologies including autonomy, data fusion and information extraction from big data sources.

Communications, Data Management, Analysis, Autonomy and Cyber Security

In the sensors space, this includes traditional technologies such as sonar, acoustics and radar, and extends to optical and machine vision, and integration with cooperative data sources such as AIS. Communications solutions include both over the air transmissions and wired networks. We have novel concepts such as surface waves which provide wideband data communications that utilise suitable surfaces within existing vessels to provide secure comms without the costs of wires.

In an increasingly connected and data rich maritime environment, we also have the ability to analyse and extract useful information from big data sources, providing our clients with intelligent insight leading to enhanced capability and performance. There are often multiple and diverse approaches to solving a problem or enhancing capability, and our decision support capabilities and toolset enable evidence-based decisions to be made to find the optimum solution.

Many future maritime operations will be conducted by unmanned systems and Roke has key sensing and robust navigation capabilities in support of autonomous vessels.

Finally, with the growing importance of information superiority, cyber security is essential to future maritime systems. Roke has a superb reputation for its work for UK Government and is now bringing this expertise to address maritime cyber security.

Maritime Capabilities

  • Proven heritage in sensors, communications, data analysis, information management, and cyber security
  • Innovative approach identifies cross-domain solutions
  • Effective partner network with strong links to academia

Client Work

Roke has successfully completed maritime research and development projects across the whole Technology Readiness Level (TRL) spectrum:

  • ARTIST (Advanced Radar Technology Integrated Systems Testbed) and MGBAD (Maritime & Ground Based Air Defence)
  • System engineering and software development for Chemring's Centurion trainable decoy launcher
  • Bio-inspired algorithms (STARTLE) for rapid maritime threat detection
  • Fully autonomous landing of an unmanned helicopter on a moving vessel at sea using our world-leading machine vision and control systems capability.
  • Automated identification of anomalous/suspicious behaviour of vessels in a complex environment to improve incident detection and reduce operator workload

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If you have a challenging sensing, communications, cyber security, or data management problem, or simply want guidance on future environments and technologies from a trusted, independent source then please contact us to discover how our maritime team can help you.