Information and communication

Information and communication

Advances in connectivity and the ability to handle big data are continuing to reform the Information Communications Technology industry. However, there are challenges that remain in exploiting this connectivity while maintaining security.

Part of this challenge is due to the rapid growth in the internet of things. This requires a dramatic rethink of the architecture with the solution lying in distributed communications architecture to handle the need to deliver ‘infinite’ capacity and power.

We understand that security and privacy are moving to the top of the agenda for most businesses. With a rich background in the defence and security industry as well as the commercial sector, we have the capability to help your business enjoy excellent data insight while maintaining optimum levels of security.

Our aim is to build world-class systems, making use of Wi-Fi, cellular and other new emerging technologies, to create the secure and resilient communication systems which users desire:

  • Securing the IoT - Securing and assuring the installation, enterprise and supply chain so you can feel confident in the security of your data.
  • Clarifying the need for data - We can help you understand what data you need to best support your services.
  • Making data intelligent – We can connect your data to create systems that generate valuable intelligence for your business.
  • Offering bespoke design – We can design cost effective systems to collect your data in real time.

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