Innovative approaches to manufacturing to expand your access to markets.

Manufacturing is changing. No longer is it solely the production of products from raw materials, but rather part of a much broader value chain. A 2013 government report into the future of manufacturing recognised that "successful firms will be capable of rapidly adapting their physical and intellectual infrastructures to exploit changes in technology as manufacturing becomes faster."

We help businesses in the high technology or high-value manufacturing sector to plan their technology development. We deliver this through our track record for research into sensing technologies network, links to academia, and our unique and award winning approach to innovation management (BQF Award 2011/2012):

  • Securing the IoT - securing and assuring the installation, the enterprise, and the supply chain so that the customer is assured from both an information security and functional safety perspectives
  • Increase Productivity - introducing new methods of manufacturing, for example, the use of high power RF to accelerate existing heating approaches, or using 3D machine vision to control manufacture to increase yield and decrease rework.
  • Improve Safety - development of complete autonomous measurement solutions which survey, patrol, and repair installation that are too dangerous or costly for human intervention.

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