Smart meter technology which can track usage to the nearest 30 minutes is already showing its potential to revolutionise the utilities industry, increase the viability of renewable energy and reduce the cost of energy tariffs. However, security risks are threatening the success of this revolution with providers increasingly experiencing criminal activities such as energy theft, fraud and even state sponsored cyber-attacks.

With over 60 years of experience in the defence and security markets, as well as the commercial sector, we are able to bring a unique mix of security experience along with a sharp insight into the latest technologies available to you.

  • Investment planning - We work with operators and their supply chain to exploit emerging technology, predict where the next advances will offer benefit and develop an investment plan to support their business strategy.
  • Managing your assets - We develop exacting sensor solutions to detect and map underground assets, while also inspecting for wear and damage. Where the risk to human operators needs to be minimised, we develop autonomous surveying systems that monitor and measure offshore or onshore assets, including integrated multimodal, subsurface, surface and aerial systems.
  • Working with existing or aging infrastructure - Where this is causing an issue we will design communications systems that bring the network together and lengthen the life of your IT assets.
  • Security - We will determine the security risk associated with new technology and develop test and evaluation services.

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