Technology research
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Simulation & Modelling

With an unparalleled capability in modelling and simulation we provide our clients with reliable, verifiable and quantitative information about their system performance and operating scenarios.

Network Modelling

  • Performance Assessment - Roke offers the ability to measure the robustness, scalability and performance of protocols and algorithms across decoupled network entities. We do this using our flexible Virtual Network Testbed evaluates technologies on a controlled but representative network topology.
  • Concept Demonstrations - using our Network Modelling Support Environment (NMSE) we are able to rapidly prototype frameworks for behaviourally rich applications. It is a powerful platform for both simulation work and for rapid development of concept demonstrations.
  • Self Organising Networks (SON) Prototyping - operators and vendors use our SON Testbed to prototype new SON concepts, algorithms, and protocols. It allows candidate SON solutions and options to be quickly assessed in different scenarios for complex networks, something which can be difficult, or even impossible, using analysis alone.
  • Capability Modelling and Assessment - As systems become increasingly complex, it is vital to understand how they interoperate and to predict properties, such as resilience, security and reliability. Roke comprehensive analytic capability can capture system performance and systems of system behaviours.
  • Synthetic Environments - Often the only way of capturing a customer requirements is to create rich immersive environments to test our new concepts. Using games based technologies Roke has developed synthetic environment that put the user into his future system.