Over 50 years as
a trusted partner

Electronics module & system design, miniaturisation, specialist antenna design.

Many years working on standards and implementations of commercial communications systems (such as 3G, WiMAX and LTE), coupled with our RF and Antenna experience from HF up to EHF gives Roke capability that is hard to match.

By exploiting our knowledge and experience of commercial standards and bespoke systems we can deliver exceptionally high capability solutions to specific, complex communications problems. This could include low detectability systems, systems for working in inherently dangerous environments, and the capability to maximise the benefit from certain features of a commercial implementation.

  • Roke has developed a broad range of specialist communications systems. We are unable to provide much detail, but some examples are:

    • Electronics module & system design including high density surface mount and chip & wire hybrids.
    • Specialist Antenna Design (covert & overt) to exceed the expected performance.
    • Network Enabled Capability

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