Custom RF ASIC designs for both RFIC and MMIC devices.

Our RF ASIC designs offer high performance for mass production, while our experience allows us to balance the technical requirements, costs, and performance for our clients' applications.

Complete Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) Design Services
- specification, foundry support, design, layout, evaluation, integration and system proving

  • Experienced in producing designs for specialist applications in the communications, radar, industrial, military, and automotive fields, our clients integrate custom RFICs and MMICs designed by us into their products with confidence.

    • Custom ICs to a System on a Chip. Pre-existing IPR and IC designs.
    • Specialists in low power consumption RFICs and high power output MMICs.
    • Technology capabilities include CMOS/BiCMOS, SiGe, PHEMT, and HBT.
    • Close relationship with foundries in Europe, USA, and the Far East.
    • Designs produced using industry standard tools.
    • Rapid prototyping and assembly in advance of volume samples.
    • Customised and automated test suites for device characterisation and specification compliance.
  • To help our clients determine whether an RF ASIC approach is appropriate we provide the following consultancy services.

    • Feasibility studies in pre-development phase.
    • System design and cost performance trade-off analysis.
    • Identification and design of novel circuit IP blocks.
    • Design and specification reviews for your Integrated Circuit development.
    • Complete products, Integrated Circuit designs, and specifications.
  • Papers

  • The most appropriate foundry will be selected for your custom RF ASIC/MMIC design. We typically select from the following list of foundries to give you the benefit of re-use of Roke owned library cell elements where possible. With this approach we are able to provide a cost effective design service worldwide.

    TriQuint Logo TriQuint Semiconductor designs and manufactures high-performance RF solutions for communications companies building mobile device, 3G and 4G cellular base station, WLAN, cable TV, microwave, optical and defence & aerospace applications. TriQuint is a global, award-winning provider offering solutions that enable quicker design turns, higher performance and a smaller bill of materials. In addition to its standard product portfolio, TriQuint offers the industry's largest selection of GaAs and GaN foundry processes and is a DoD Category 1A 'Trusted Foundry'.

    WinSemi-Logo WIN Semiconductors Corp., founded in October 1999, was the first pure-play 6-inch GaAs foundry in the world, has established advanced GaAs wafer fabs in Taiwan in recognition of the growing demand for low cost manufacturing of high speed and high quality GaAs MMIC's (monolithic microwave ICs) and RFIC's (radio frequency ICs). WIN is now the world’s largest GaAs pure-play foundry and provides dedicated foundry services to design houses as well as IDM partners. WIN supplies HBT, pHEMT and BiHEMT MMIC fabrication services to worldwide IC manufacturers, using state-of-the-art GaAs process technology.