Technology research
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Technology Consultancy

Access to world leading technical expertise and a solution to your engineering problems.

With over 400 engineers Roke has the breadth of expertise and the specialist knowledge to understand your problems and create innovative solutions. Our core competencies are in the sensors, networking and communications domains, especially within the defence, national security and telecommunications markets.

If you require expert technical input at any stage of your project then please contacts us.

  • Technology Feasibility Assessment - Roke understands the commercialisation of emerging technology and is ideally placed to help you determine the optimum technology for your application. We can undertake this with a technical review of your specification, and additionally by using modelling, simulation and even the development of technology demonstrators.
  • Technical Evaluation - Roke's independence assures our clients of unbiased and objective professional advice in undertaking technical reviews and evaluation of proposals.
  • Technical De-risking - Whether you are looking to de-risk a technology or looking to attract venture capital, we can support you in taking the first steps towards commercial exploitation by applying our implementation expertise to your concept.
  • Technology Impact Assessment - Roke understand that a business is an emergent property of technology, talent and time. The impact of new technology into a systems need to be assessed as to the derive the business benefit. Roke has experience in capturing enterprise processes and can use it modelling expertise to determine quantitative benefits of the application of new technologies.
  • Technology Due Diligence - Our world renowned expertise has been pressed into service to support litigation, whether assessing contract performance or IP disputes.