Wide Area
Multilateration System


Vigilance™ provides the greatest accuracy of any multilateration system, and has safely and reliably provided continuous multilateration cover in the busiest skies in the world for more than 14 years.

multilateration-eu_hoverThe unchallenged performance of the Vigilance™ multilateration system is based upon our patented time synchronisation technology which allows unrivalled flexibility in selecting receiver sites. The Vigilance™ multilateration solution is a cost effective one too - requiring the lowest number of monitoring sites compared to other multilateration systems.

Vigilance™ is now offered exclusively via our partner Indra who have an excellent reputation for customer service and satisfaction.


Multiple Synchronisation Architectures
• Including unique patented common view GNSS
Read why GPS is safe to use for both MLAT and ADS-B systems (PDF)
• Allows system design to be optimised to meet customer requirements
Line of Sight synchronisation not required • Opens up more siting options - increased flexibility and hence cost reductions
• Monitor sites better placed - fewer sites required/lower through life costs
Advanced architecture • Fewer monitor sites required - lower installation and operating costs
• Scalable, with reduced costs as coverage increases
Deployment tool • Accuracy of system known prior to deployment
• Cost escalations avoided
COTS technology • Low capital outlay
• Lower through-life costs
• Continuity of supply
Low power consumption • Lower installation and operational costs
Small form factor • Simple, low cost installation