What we do

What we do

We give our clients the best use of technology to provide them with future capability.

Whether you are developing a technology concept, analysing a critical function, prototyping for validation, or demonstrating a capability, Roke has an established track record of delivering.

Applied Analysis & Experimentation

Enabling informed decision making when managing technology acquisition.

Big Data Exploitation

Acquiring insight from Big Data to deliver information superiority.

Communications Infrastructure & Info Management

Comms infrastructure and info man: Enabling communications in demanding environments.

Cyber Security

Protecting what matters most.

Electromagnetic Intelligence

Delivering operational advantage by sensing and exploiting the RF spectrum.

Intelligent Sensors & Unmanned Systems

Enabling unmanned systems and deriving insight by sensing the physical world.

Test and evaluation services

Test and evaluation services: Independent reassurance that products and services are capable of protecting your information.