Big Data Exploitation

Big Data Exploitation

Acquiring insight from Big Data to deliver information superiority.

The challenge of exploiting data to provide actionable intelligence is faced by many organisations. We enable our clients to gain valuable and actionable insights from large and ever more complex data. We provide solutions which enable you to manage and exploit the ever increasing volume, velocity and variety of data available to your organisation.

What We Do

We provide the solutions to exploit data as an enterprise asset and help you to:

  • Extract real-time insights from streaming data feeds
  • Extract new insights from existing data stores
  • Protect the integrity of your data and the insights created from it
  • Manage the integration of legacy systems with new sources of data
  • Identify implementations options which deliver the best value for money


We will help you to become a better informed customer. We work with our clients to help them understand the problem and articulate the requirements which then form the basis of a big data solution. Employing established enterprise architecture methodologies, we will assist you in capturing the various views and dimensions behind the business need.

Solution Development

We provide cost effective bespoke solutions which span:

  • Data integration, ingest and retrieval
  • Query interfaces and API
  • Analysis and enrichment for stream and storage based data
  • Workflow and automation
  • Visualisation of insights extracted from complex data flows

Our Background

You can trust in our systems intelligence services.

  • Roke are technology agnostic and therefore offer completely independent advice
  • We have more than 30 years of experience in high speed data processing
  • Our solutions are built from a proven in-house library of analytical elements, COTS components, and Open Source frameworks
  • We include workflow elements to ensure your adherence to regulatory and legal requirements in the use of the data obtained

Contact Us

If you are beginning to struggle in data deluge and need to extract meaning from the large quantities of data your organisation is receiving then please contact us.