Communications Infrastructure & Info Management

Communications Infrastructure & Info Management

Enabling communications in demanding environments.

Roke helps its clients solve their difficult voice and data communications problems. We take commercial and research technologies, apply our expertise, and enhance them for demanding environments.

Users such as emergency responders and the military frequently work in demanding environments and can have their operations compromised by poor communications infrastructure. However, existing legacy systems often require significant investment to upgrade them and make them capable of delivering the rich data required in our modern information age. By exploiting the investments already made in commercial infrastructure, these users can also benefit and gain the information superiority required to support their operations.

What We Do

We help our clients to acquire, develop and gain maximum benefit from communications and information system technology, and ensure they are aware of both the opportunities and the limitations these provide.

Client-side Support

We can provide you with on-site consultancy and assurance services to assist you with your own programmes. Our experts will evaluate technology and service options and identify risks and trade-offs to provide you with assurance in your programme.


We also undertake research for our clients where either there is a gap in knowledge, or often where the user is 'too close' to the problem. Our independence from vendors allows us to provide a truly objective assessment of the options.

Proof of Concept

Before significant investments are committed, we have the capabilities to demonstrate technology as a working proof of concept. This not only raises the technology readiness level, but will help de-risk the programme and support the business case for the adoption of the new technology.


  • Radio - propagation and performance analysis, waveform development and selection, development of system designs, and service design and assurance
  • Network - protocol design and performance analysis, network architectural design, SDN, and network optimisation
  • Cellular - expert advice, technology demonstration, and development of enhancements for specialist uses

Our Background

We have a reputation for solving difficult communications problems and are a trusted advisor to UK government departments.

Our heritage in cellular and radio communications is long established. We developed the equipment and made the world's first call over UMTS, and now, as a member of the 5GIC, we are actively involved in shaping the direction of future communications.

Case Studies

  • CSIIS - as a Tier 1 member of the Team Sirius consortium we contribute a unique mix of expertise in wireless communications, network technologies and big data processing alongside our operational analysis, decision support and military user capabilities. [Read More]
  • Gekko - Gekko is an example of Roke innovation. Internally, we funded initial technology development to explore applications for electromagnetic surface wave propagation. Subsequently, using Dstl CDE funding, we successfully demonstrated surface wave communications and sensing over engineered surfaces, a concept we named Gekko. Gekko sits between wired and wireless technologies and offers a unique solution to current problems such as how to create a flexible and convenient network but maintain a high level of physical security, or how to detect damage on a vehicle body which is subject to engine noise and vibration.[Read more]

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If you want to maximise your use of commercial communication systems or need support in making it work effectively in demanding environments, please contact us.