A unique software tool which provides the capability to quickly and easily deploy and manage network cryptographic endpoints.

Blueprint is a networked crypto operations and management solution which reduces the time, effort, money and risk associated with designing, configuring and managing secure networks.

A dramatic efficiency gain can be achieved by using the concept of a network manager rather than a device or entity manager to design the network. The design is then used to create crypto entity configurations which are automatically downloaded to each individual crypto device.


  • Simple and easy to use network designer
    The designer incorporates all aspects of crypto network design, including key management planning, IP address allocation and security policy configurations.
  • Elimination of repetitive configurations whilst improving consistency
    Harnessing the concept of a network with specific services such as NTP Servers, SNMP Trap Servers and Security Policies, the configuration is entered once at the 'Network Level' and automatically inherited by each crypto using those services.
  • Useful and Unobtrusive Consistency Checks
    Where specific configurations are required for each crypto, for example IP addresses which cannot be inherited from the network configuration, Blueprint provides consistency checking across the network to highlight any incompatible configurations.
  • Automated Crypto Commissioning
    Automatically download the crypto configuration at commissioning time to each 'out-of-the-box' crypto, saving time whilst eliminating the risk of miss-configuration and the need for product specific User Interface training.
  • Automated In-field Crypto Management
    Speed up configuration changes and updates whilst reducing the risk of downtime caused by configuration errors by using Blueprint to automatically apply configuration changes to your network whilst cryptos are deployed. This includes firmware updates, key material updates, configuration changes and security policy changes.

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