Cyber Assurance

Cyber Assurance

Understand and operate effectively in the cyber threat landscape.

Roke's Cyber Assurance services assist and advise our clients to give them the confidence that information security is being adequately addressed whilst facilitating business objectives and system usability. We ensure that solutions mitigate your risk whilst remaining workable for both your organisation and its users.

We believe that in today's world of increasing cyber attacks, a checkbox approach to managing cyber risk is insufficient. Organisations need to be protected by a holistic approach that recognises an individual organisation's needs and its particular risk exposure.

What We Do

Our services provide effective Cyber Assurance while ensuing long term value for money to our clients. Our Cyber Assurance services include:

  • Security Architecture and Risk Assessment
  • Information Security Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Digital Forensics and E-Discovery
  • Software Analysis and Reverse Engineering
  • Business Continuity

Significant cyber protection can be achieved by exploiting commodity security features against identified key risks. By intelligently configuring standard components your reliance on expensive cyber protection products can be reduced.

You can have confidence in our services.

  • We have the ability to address Risk Assessments of complex, niche and new technologies
  • Our expertise draws on Government policy and industry recognised standards to provide best practice, whilst providing flexibility to avoid over engineered solutions
  • Expertise in supporting third party accreditations of systems, especially for organisations handling Government information

Our Background

We have developed world leading skills through our work with UK Government and corporate clients over 20 years to understand cyber threats, manage those risks and to select the best technical solutions to protect secure systems and information.

Case Studies

Airborne Data Link

As a trusted expert and product independent organisation, Roke was asked to define and standardise a single secure video protocol for use on police airborne platforms which could be provided to manufacturers for rapid development to enhance current equipment. The protocol's security features would need to be appropriate to the use case as well as feasible for product manufacturers to implement within a very short period of time. This task was an urgent contract with the resulting standard accepted by both the client and the manufacturers. The compliant equipment is now in use in the skies around major UK cities.

Remote Working for Government Enterprise

Using our information technology expertise Roke designed, implemented and deployed solutions for secure voice calling (including enterprise VoIP integration), TPM assured provisioning of endpoints and VPN connections. Further, we have combined our system and Information Security expertise to achieve accreditation of such a system to process sensitive Government information.

More Information

If you are seeking to cost-effectively manage your risk exposure to the growing cyber threat then please contact us.