Security Engineering

Security Engineering

Helping you to develop and deploy tomorrow's secure technology.

Our Security Engineering services provide our clients with the ability to benefit from the advances in secure technology. This ranges from the integration of cutting edge COTS components into a system which is more secure than the sum of its parts, to the development of bespoke software and hardware demonstrators to enhance the protection of information.

What We Do

We will help you to de-risk the impact of game changing emerging technology on your organisation. Our experts will minimise the time to rollout new capability by removing the technical risks for you.

  • High fidelity demonstrators for both security and performance evaluations
  • Specialists in Secure Voice and remote working solutions
  • Leading edge COTS derived authentication and trust solutions
  • Cryptographic protection of data, both at rest and in transit

Roke's independence from product manufacturers enables us to interact with a diverse range of suppliers, with a track record of protecting our clients' intellectual property. Trusted by government and enterprises we are able to provide informed advice free from market bias.

You can have confidence in our services.

  • We are completely independent of device manufacturers, with a track record of protecting our clients' intellectual property
  • Roke has certification to ISO 27001 for Information Security Management
  • We are a CESG recognised test and evaluation facility for Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) of products and CESG Assured Services (CAS) for services used by HMG

Our Background

We have developed world leading skills through our work with UK Government and corporate clients over 20 years to understand cyber threats, manage risks and select the most appropriate technical solutions to protect secure systems and information.

Case Studies

Secure by Default

As part of CESG's Secure by Default programme Roke has proven the feasibility of several emerging technologies within a high security, high usability context. These include Near Field Communications on smartphones (the same technology as used for contactless credit card payments) to implement two factor authentication to log into Windows laptops. By exploiting technology the user knows and uses regularly, this yields a cost effective, secure yet friendly solution without the need for any bespoke hardware. By exploiting the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology present in most laptops, Roke has demonstrated hardware secured Virtual Private Networking (VPN) that is as simple as logging on to a home WiFi, yet considered to be more secure than password based access control to the VPN.

IP Crypto Management

Building on our experience of testing cryptographic devices, we have addressed the management challenge of configuring and maintaining large deployments of network cryptos. Our crypto management suite of software products supports key ordering, security policy maintenance and topology management, providing a capability for automated control of IP cryptos, even for dynamic and distributed infrastructures. In turn our solution dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership of secure multi-site networks. [Read More]

More Information

If you are seeking to utilise emerging technology to protect your information against the growing cyber threat then please contact us.