Electromagnetic Intelligence

Electromagnetic Intelligence

Delivering operational advantage by sensing and exploiting the RF spectrum.

Roke supports UK and NATO armed forces and prime contractors in the exploitation of the radio frequency spectrum for operational advantage. With our expertise our clients are able to exploit both legacy and future RF signals to gain maximum insight.

What We Do

We have a range of facilities and world class engineering expertise to enable development of end-to-end solutions from antenna design through to signals database filtering and analysis. We work directly with the end user to support them in ensuring that full use of the RF spectrum is maintained to give operational advantage. We do this through the application of novel techniques to:

  • Prevent inference of systems using the RF spectrum. [Download GPS Protection Datasheet]
  • Detect threats or intent of action
  • Ensure data proliferation does not swamp operators
  • Maintain continuity of valuable insights for decision makers
  • Deny or disrupt access to the RF spectrum for others

We ensure that cost benefits are gained through the application of COTS technologies to reduce development costs, and are experienced in low size, weight, and power designs to enable man portable solutions with unprecedented performance.

RF Interference Mitigation Service

Expert advice for the deployment of complex RF systems

Our Background

We have over 50 years' experience solving difficult EM problems, and are active in the UK EM community. Our expertise encompasses the following areas:

  • Anti-jamming and interference mitigation techniques in the radio, radar, and satcomms domains
  • Electronic surveillance techniques and technology (CESM, RESM, ELINT, SIGINT)
  • Signal Processing of electromagnetic data (Real-time DSP through to machine learning-based auto-analysis)
  • Exploitation of electromagnetic signals (Electronic Attack, spoofing and deception)
  • Custom RF engineering and design services from RF ASICs to custom product development
  • Intellectual property relating to Superresolution Direction Finding (SRDF), digital beamforming and antenna array processing

We are proud to have received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation for the development of the RESOLVE electronic warfare manpack equipment.

Case Studies

We have been involved in numerous programmes to solve difficult electromagnetic (EM) related problems, these include:


A US/UK collaboration in maritime radar, as a member of the UK team Roke were the system design authority for the receiver RF sub system (i.e. from the LNA through digitisation, jammer mitigation and digital beamforming). [Read More]


The delivery of a turn-key strategic HF band listening facility to a NATO customer. Now sold as the LOCATE product range by Chemring Technology Solutions. [Read More]

RF Cyber Information Exchange

Roke held the industry co-chair position on this RF related special interest group supporting this MOD cyber initiative.

Contact Us

If you have difficult problems or requirements in the electromagnetic domain we may have already solved them. Please contact us.

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