Antenna Design

Antenna Design

Cutting edge antenna designs to interface to the wireless world.

Our antenna designs are based on a thorough understanding of the electromagnetic principles and theory behind the EM field in the antenna. This theoretical background is coupled with the practical expertise and experience to facilitate rapid antenna development from concept, through design proving to manufacture, and supported at all stages by state of the art simulation and measurement.


Handset Antennas Integrated antenna designs for triband and quadband terminals. Bluetooth antennas for handsets.
Wideband Antennas We have developed the World's widest band antenna (1:40 ratio) and have developed antennas for ESM to the UK government.
Satellite Navigation Working for the Galileo Joint Undertaking we have responsibility for designing antennas for the high accuracy / high performance market.
Array Elements Antenna element design for array applications, including cellular basestations and radar retroflectors.
Low Observable Antennas Antennas designs for specialist applications requiring low Radar Cross Section (RCS).
Custom Antennas Antenna designs for many other fields, including medical applications, RFID tagging, automotive radar, telemetry, and radar altimeters.


Familiar in the use of industry standard tools (such as HFSS™, Matlab™, NEC, and Microwave Office™) we have the capability to model all antenna types prior to manufacture. We also use our own tool, Epsilon™, to predict installed antenna performance.

Roke has an extensive range of facilities for over-the-air testing of radiated RF performance. These facilities are available for antenna evaluation and EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) assessment of electronic assemblies. The facilities cover the frequency range from 30MHz to 80GHz, providing support for customers' design and development needs.