RCS Prediction

RCS Prediction


Epsilon™ is a software tool designed to predict the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of a target directly from its geometrical description.

Epsilon™ is an analysis tool which provides support for radar system modelling. It allows a designer to evaluate the Radar Signature of a design and to investigate how that signature relates to the shape and orientation of the design.


Radar Cross Section solver


Epsilon™ has been constructed to provide a stable and easy to use analysis environment with extensive support for associated activities such as model preparation, results analysis and data management. The main design principle has been to minimise the engineering effort required to use the tool.

The main analysis modes Epsilon™ provides are:

  • Bulk signature prediction for signature metric evaluation
  • High-Range Resolution Range Profile (HRRP) data for target recognition and high bandwidth analyses
  • ISAR image formation to show spatially distributed scattering centres.
  • Reverse translations to show scattering magnitudes over the surface of a structure.
  • Embedded predictions to directly link Epsilon™ into third party simulation software. 

Other useful capabilities include Radar Signature calculation (the radar or measurement dependent signature) as opposed to RCS. Finite range and radar characteristics such as finite bandwidth and short pulse effects can be investigated.


Sophisticated electromagnetic solver Generates frequency domain polarimetric signature data.
Common prediction types Covers Azimuth Sweeps, Range Profiles, Pulse Synthesis, 2D & 3D ISAR, and Super Resolved Weighted Impulse Models (WIM).
CAD model materials Each surface patch in the CAD model can be assigned a different material type from homogeneous, Perfect Electrical Conductor (PEC), or Lookup Table.
CAD import and editing The supported formats for CAD translation include, Patran, AutoCAD, 3D Studio, and IGES.
Direct imaging of radar targets A phasor-vector result is calculated which therefore gives considerable scope for imaging the target using any component of the scattering matrix.
Super resolution processing Allows the generation of efficient target models for physical level simulation, NCTR databases, and the ability to super-resolve band limited data.
Parallel processing Runs on any standard computer network and can make use of any available resources, from high end Unix workstations to laptops.


Epsilon™ can be used for more than simply conventional radar cross section predictions. Other application areas include the optimisation of new platform concepts for stealth, design improvements for existing platforms, and diagnostics for signature control and generation of Non-Cooperative Target Recognition (NTCR) databases.

Epsilon™ also has an Application Programming Interface (API) to allow it to be linked directly to third party simulation software.

Applications of Epsilon

A Radar Signature Prediction and Analysis Tool



Epsilon™ is available under licence (subject to export control), or for use in stealth / counter stealth consultancy studies and any aspect of radar cross section technology or radar imaging.

Epsilon™ is already in use with many defence agencies and industrials worldwide, and has been used on many platform design projects. For a current price list for Epsilon™ please contact us.