Vision based capability for UAV autonomous landing.

The recovery of a UAV is the most challenging and hazardous part of a UAV flight. Our system, based on 20 years of image processing expertise, provides a passive, self-contained auto-landing capability for both fixed and rotary wing UAVs.


  • Autonomous Flight - The system can be integrated into the flight control system or autopilot to enable truly autonomous landings.
  • Easy Installation - Its small size and low weight make it easy to integrate onto UAVs.
  • Covert Operations- Use of passive sensors make operation undetectable.
  • Low Cost - COTS sensors have been used to keep cost to a minimum.
  • GPS Independent - Works in a GPS denied environment.
  • Moving Platforms - Landings can be achieved on moving platforms, such as a ship's deck.
  • Self-contained - The system does not require any ground infrastructure.

How it Works

How the UAV Autoland System works


The autoland system is suitable for both fixed and rotary wing UAVs.

UAV / UGV Rendezvous  

This video shows a UAV landing on a moving UGV. The example shows a UAV in a hostile area delivering a cargo to a UGV for onward delivery to front-line troops.