CESG Assured Services

CESG Assured Services

CESG Assured Services (CAS) is a scheme which, in conjunction with an approved CAS company, provides assurance of services that government depends on.

Building on our established evaluation capability for Crypto Conformance and CPA, we offer service evaluations underpinned by real domain expertise.


  • Early Guidance - Building on our experience in CPA, we provide early support to understand the service and its environment so as to identify expectations
  • Planned Evaluation - Our project planning provides cost guidance for every phase of the evaluation
  • Expert Support - Our ISO27k lead auditor, together with domain experts, provides support at each stage of the evaluation
  • Trusted and Independent - We are trusted by government and industry, to provide informed independent opinion whilst protecting IPR

By combining leading expertise in ISO27k auditing and business continuity with long standing technical capability in telecommunications and cryptography, we are able to support assurance services in:

  • CAS Telecomms
  • PSN Certificate Authority (IPsec)

Our Expertise

ISO 27k Lead Auditing
Our experienced ISO 27k Lead Auditor will efficiently use information management system audits in order to reassure CESG and government that your service is managed and secure.

Business Continuity
We will use our business continuity experience to verify your business continuity plan, and build government customer trust.

Through decades of experience in telecommunications and network research we fully understand the needs, constraints and ways of working of Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

Network Discovery
Through defining and supplying solutions to CSPs we efficiently discover and capture supporting network architectures.

Through supporting cryptography research and testing, including key management, we understand the issues facing Certificate Authorities.

Established Evaluation Experience
Through having established Cryptographic test facilities and CPA processes we have the experience to realise effective evaluations.

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CESG Assured Services

Domain aware assurance for services

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