IP Cryptographic devices are complex networking devices, where each device varies in its functional capability and characteristics. For example, what is a device's throughput for small packets, or can the device be managed remotely over a high latency satellite link?

An important factor in designing a network is to understand the performance characteristics of the devices used to allow the network to be dimensioned to meet the end user's requirements. Not knowing and understanding these characteristics results in reduced performance or increased 'down time' to the end user and high supports costs and/or service penalties to the service provider. CESG's Performance Verification Testing (PVT) service characterises a device and provides answers to the most common questions to allow networks to be accurately dimensioned.

PVT Services

The Performance Verification Testing (PVT) programme is a cost-effective process that identifies potential limitations with any network device, not only PRIME devices, within a defined lab-based environment. This in turn provides System Integrators with the confidence that networking devices have been thoroughly tested and independently benchmarked, and that their limits are known and verified before procurement activities commence.

Benefits of PVT include:

  • Reduced Integration Risk – devices can be tested prior to procurement, thereby reducing the risk associated with using unknown or unverifiable performance metrics
  • Reduced Cost and Timescales - provides networking engineers with information about how a device behaves in defined circumstances, reducing the time and effort required for field trials/internal integration testing and subsequent fault finding activities
  • Reduced Support Costs - devices are tested prior to delivery to end users, thereby reducing the cost needed to support deployed devices whilst enhancing the 'out of the box' user experience
  • Comprehensive – test methods proven to quickly identify problems other test environments cannot
  • Recognised Testing Partner – approved by the UK National Technical Authority as being representative of UK government use cases, as well as by HMG procurement departments

Test Environment Features

Roke's PVT programme identifies potential issues with a network device to allow further investigation to take place by the product vendor, or mitigations to be suggested. The programme consists of integrating a networking device into a sophisticated test environment which is designed to replicate a significant number of common representative end Customer use cases, where a series of structured tests are executed to identify potential limitations. This allows issues to be investigated and mitigated, reducing the cost, timescales and risk associated with integrating complex networking devices into wider systems.

  • Realistic – the complex, yet realistic, network scenarios push networking devices to their limits
  • Controlled – any limitations discovered in a device are identified in a controlled and repeatable environment which allow mitigations to be easily identified and tested
  • Customisable – the test environment can be tailored to any network topology and traffic profile
  • High Performance – up to 10Gbps full duplex traffic generation and Wide Area Network (WAN) emulation capability

Why use an External Test Facility?

Roke has been operating in the network infrastructure and security domain for over 20 years. By putting our networking and national security technology experience to commercial use, we find potential problems before your Customers do and suggest solutions to increase product reliability.

As an external test facility with ISO17025 accreditation and experience working with secure fixed and mobile networks we can add value to your project through a number of testing services. Our core hardware and software development experience enables us to interact with all levels of your development team. For example, we can offer your design team expert independent and impartial advice on any assumptions being made during the design process which may impact the performance or testability of the product. We can also provide realistic automated test systems as components of a continuous integration and test environment, optimising your development efforts and focusing your development teams on the product implementation. We are independent of any product manufacturer and therefore offer a totally impartial and confidential service.

More Information

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