Secure Voice

Secure Voice

An interoperable secure voice cryptographic solution allows classified phone calls to take place over unclassified infrastructure.


In addition to providing conformance and interoperability testing of cryptographic devices, we can also provide the following additional types of testing.

Stress and Performance Testing

Our customisable service enables us to work with you to specify the tests required to meet your needs. As well as the appropriate conformance specification tests, our engineers can specify other network tests suited to your application. This can include tests to stress the network and determine the performance envelope for a mix of voice, data and other services, even at throughputs of up to 10Gbps

Full Network Topology

As part of our customised service we can set up a full topology of network equipment to test the interactions between the crypto and other network devices, such as routers, firewalls and application servers. The network can be tailored to represent the end application network which allows a suite of end user tests to be applied and correct operation verified. In addition to interactions with network equipment, interactions with real-world network users using real applications can be emulated on the CTF test bed. This can be a very cost effective way to verify a network design prior to full procurement and installation.

Full System Testing

The combination of the above, coupled with proven system test and software/firmware update processes used on our own in-house products mean that Roke are perfectly placed to specify and conduct either a part of or the full system testing suite of a crypto device. As cryptos evolve from simple encrypt/decrypt devices into sophisticated networking devices, detailed knowledge of end-to-end networks will be required to ensure that the device will work in a real deployment scenario. This knowledge is all available within a team which can be quickly ramped up and down to meet the needs of the customer.

Why use an External Test Facility

Roke has been operating in the network infrastructure and security domain for over 20 years. By putting our networking and national security technology experience to commercial use, we find potential problems before your Customers do and suggest solutions to increase product reliability.

As an external test facility with ISO17025 accreditation and experience working with secure fixed and mobile networks we can add value to your project through a number of testing services. Our core hardware and software development experience enables us to interact with all levels of your development team. For example, we can offer your design team expert independent and impartial advice on any assumptions being made during the design process which may impact the performance or testability of the product. We can also provide realistic automated test systems as components of a continuous integration and test environment, optimising your development efforts and focusing your development teams on the product implementation. We are independent of any product manufacturer and therefore offer a totally impartial and confidential service.

Background in Secure Voice

Roke have a long track record of working with IETF and 3GPP standardisation bodies to enable reliable voice calls between equipment which is designed and manufactured by different organisations. This knowledge of both Circuit Switched and Packet Switched mechanisms coupled with our proven track record in the IP crypto domain and Roke's independence in this marketplace, puts us in a unique position of independent experts in the secure voice domain.

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