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7 May 2024: We're pleased to launch Roke Intelligence – a new business unit dedicated to redefining global standards in commercially outsourced professional intelligence.

By integrating the expertise and tradecraft of intelligence professionals with cutting-edge technology – including AI, machine learning, advanced sensor technology, and data analytics – Roke Intelligence will empower clients with actionable insights, more informed decision-making, and a vital competitive advantage in a dynamic global risk environment.

Roke Intelligence provides clients with tailored and customised intelligence solutions, meeting their unique requirements and providing them with access to a comprehensive suite of open-source intelligence capabilities. This gives these organisations the most robust and market-leading toolkit for faster and more accurate decision-making.

At the head of the Roke Intelligence suite of capabilities is Geollect, a geospatial intelligence solution that is at the forefront of the outsourced professional intelligence revolution.

Combining human expertise with advanced AI, machine learning and sensor technology, Geollect uncovers hidden patterns of activity and provides clients with the intelligence advantage they need to make informed decisions.

By blending multiple layers of data into one place and visualising the results, Geollect transforms the way organisations think, communicate, and strategise. With instant access to accurate real-time information and pinpoint location certainty, Geollect users know where, know first and know more.

Geollect joined the Roke family in January 2023, when it was acquired by Chemring Group PLC as part of Roke’s strategy to facilitate IP-led growth.

Roke Intelligence offers four core capabilities:

  • Geollect, Roke’s transformational solution providing state-of-the-art geospatial analytics and situational awareness
  • Centri, which leads the way in visualising and transforming geospatial data into action, providing a full data-to-intelligence solution
  • Infosight, our information operations platform that provides detailed knowledge and situational awareness about events in a defined environment
  • Intelligence Services, harnessing industry-leading intelligence tradecraft expertise, fused with cutting-edge technology, to deliver simple answers to the most complex questions

Paul MacGregor, Managing Director at Roke, said:

“Roke has played a key role in supporting UK Defence and Security for over 65 years. Our clients face increasing levels of risk and uncertainty in today’s world, and we are delighted to be able to offer them this new capability; combining the best of our technology and tradecraft with the deep insights derived from our acquisition of Geollect.

“Roke Intelligence provides our clients with instant access to an evergreen, cutting edge capability that would traditionally only have been available to global intelligence agencies.”

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