Roke Romsey grounds in winter

Our environmental and social commitment

Roke improves the world through innovation. It’s what drives our employees to deliver their best and why our partners, in Defence, Government and Industry trust us to solve their most technically challenging, mission critical problems.

Together, we are building a safer and secure world by designing, combining and applying emerging technologies in innovative ways that keep people safe and secure, while delivering value.

Continually improving our sustainability performance plays a key role in the way we run our businesses today and plan for the future, as we manage our environmental, social and governance (ESG)-related risks.

In 2021, we continued the process of gathering and validating data to identify gaps within our knowledge. We actively engaged with our key stakeholders including customers, suppliers, employees and investors to better understand their concerns and priorities. We also conducted a mapping exercise to identify those areas and activities which align to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to set appropriate near and longer-term targets, where our actions can have the greatest impact.

Our approach is focused around:

  • Establishing a strong and proactive safety and wellbeing culture 
  • Reducing our environmental impact
  • Investing in and respecting our people
  • Conducting our business with integrity