Tom Whitehouse

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It’s National Apprenticeship Week! To celebrate we’ve interviewed some of our fantastic Rokies on our Apprenticeship Scheme. Today it’s Tom, a Graduate Engineer in our Defence team who recently completed his apprenticeship with us. He chatted to us about how he found the course, and what he has been doing since graduating.

What were your career plans before joining Roke?

Before Roke I completed my Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT at Basingstoke College of Technology where I was able to get my first experience of learning on the job. I worked in a local business conducting IT Support and quickly realised how useful what I was being taught could be when put into practice. I was looking for an opportunity to continue this pattern of working when I first came across the early careers program at Roke.

Why Roke?

I chose Roke for a few reasons. I was immediately struck by the empowerment the business would offer me to develop my future. There was no sense of being put in a box and being set to work within it, I would have the freedom to try new things and gain experience in different roles. Roke also offered more than just a foundation in technical skills but a chance to join a community. From STEM outreach to extracurricular activities there is always something going on providing another dimension to learning but also good fun.

Tell us about your degree apprenticeship

As a degree apprentice you are exposed to so many new things, what better way to learn! I have learnt about technical systems, the business but also personally about how to present myself, whether that be to customers or a project team. I have learnt concepts and put them instantly into practise with the support of lecturers or experienced engineers who were more than willing to teach me. I have been able to slot into projects and become involved; questioning and coming up with ideas which has become a habit at Roke.

What is the best thing about working for Roke?

The best part about Roke for me is the excitement and team dynamics. Each member of a project team is engaged and focused on working together towards a goal. The electric atmosphere and support enable every day to be captivating. Now moving into a Graduate role, I have been able to go to the next level, using the foundation I have built as an apprentice as a platform to new things!

Where would you like to take your career here?

I would like to continue working on interesting and motivating projects, developing as an engineer within the space of cloud technology that I work in. I would like to continue the wonderful support that has been given to me by supporting more apprentices and learning to become a line manager.

Do you feel supported in your role?

Absolutely, both as an apprentice and now graduate the support has been simply excellent. Roke has built a culture of support and that can be felt is so many ways through project teams, line management and the buddy scheme there is always someone available and willing to support you.