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What is innovation-as-a-Service?

Embedding innovation into your organisation

What triggers your drive for innovation? And how do you design and invest in appropriate strategies?

We’ve been combining the physical and digital in new ways for over 60 years, creating an environment where innovation can flourish.

Now you can take full advantage of our insights and expertise to save time and effort. Our Innovation-as-a-Service offering provides access to our people, processes and technologies so you can capitalise on our advanced research across multiple sectors and domains.

This collaborative and agile service embeds our Innovation Engine and experts into the heart of your business or organisation. Submit your research ideas with just a call or an email to a dedicated Roke coordinator, and we take care of everything else.

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Resource, research, deliver

Our Innovation Engine connects teams across Roke, matching each task to experts with the required skills to validate new thinking. It also assists with scheduling tasks and captures the outcomes.

Every month, customers receive the full-text output from any completed tasks submitted, as well as the INfuse whitepaper: a summary of the outputs from completed tasks that match specified interests.

Our tiers

Our Innovation-as-a-Service programme aligns to different services to best match your requirements.


Influence is a fixed monthly subscription that offers unlimited research idea submissions. Customers can:

  • Discuss ideas with Roke experts for rapid feedback
  • Receive INfuse whitepaper summarising tasks submitted by others
  • Receive full text output from submitted tasks
  • Submit ideas on-demand via a dedicated Roke coordinator


Targeted provides a deep-dive into an area of specific interest, built on demonstrated output, not promises. It includes:

  • Validation of ideas with extended research tailored to specific use-cases
  • Bespoke engagement with dedicated Roke researchers
  • Extended studies build on initial Influence research
  • Exclusive and confidential full-text output


Dedicated allows customers to accelerate research into reality fast. It includes:

  • Bringing ideas to life through prototyping and development
  • Ability to embed world-class Roke experts directly into internal teams
  • Access to Roke Rapid Prototype and experimentation facilities
  • Priority allocation of resources

Streamlining innovation

By simplifying the commercial process, we provide innovation that responds rapidly to customer needs. With our Innovations-as-a-Service, you have the freedom to commission studies as they’re needed, and to change priorities on the fly without the burden of contract negotiations.

Key benefits

  • Remove the HR and resource burden, and fix research and development costs
  • Supplement existing commercial frameworks with low TRL rapid idea exploration
  • Engage world-class experts on-demand for Targeted and Dedicated research
  • Discuss ideas and challenges with senior technologists, without the need to embed additional capability
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