A soldier in camouflage with facepaint

The Challenge

On the battlefield, Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) protect against Radio Frequency (RF) initiated Remotely-Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) by inhibiting trigger signals. Existing ECM systems are heavy and several are needed to protect successfully and efficiently. There’s a need for lightweight designs capable of protecting against increasingly advanced threats.

The top of a radio system

The Approach

We developed SOLO, using decades of in-house ECM experience and the application of our expertise in miniaturisation. Utilising the latest DSP technology with advanced novel power management algorithms, SOLO is uniquely capable, providing effective concurrent protection on all main threat bands over extended periods of use.

A soldier in a field surrounded by pulse waves


SOLO combines novel processing techniques with the lowest possible weight-versus-output, providing individual protection even in complex electromagnetic environments. On the battlefield the net result is excellent levels of protection but with tactical freedom, reduced burden and the additional ability to communicate through the ECM.