An interconnected globe

Understanding the terrain

In ever more complex and contested operational environments, military users increasingly depend on their ability to understand the complex physical, digital and cognitive terrain in which they operate before transferring the derived intelligence to those that need it. Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) is the co-ordinated tasking of collection capabilities and the processing and communication of information in support of operations and decisions.

Integrating data at all levels of command

Insights generated through ISR enable superior decision making to achieve an information advantage. Sensor systems provide the input to ISR solutions, converting data into information through signal processing. The automation of this front end signal capture process reduces the cognitive burden on our users, enabling them to make sense of the operational picture and make more effective decisions. It includes sensor systems and their tasking, processing of data and information, and automated tools to minimise user burden and provide timely insight and understanding.

Our secure cloud and secure mobility solutions ensure the coherence and integration of data and information at all levels of command. We combine all aspects of collect, communicate and understand through our information advantage campaign to provide scaleable, cohesive solutions across the battlespace, from operational headquarters to Dismounted Situational Awareness (DSA) capabilities.

A soldier using a dismounted situational awareness device

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