wireless sensor communication network data

The Challenge

An operational requirement for a strategic spectrum monitoring and geolocation of HF signals was identified by a customer requiring both fixed and temporary monitoring locations.

Locate-T antenna

The Approach

We designed and delivered a pioneering Super Resolution Direction Finding capability using Adaptive Digital Beamforming technology, networked across a grid of national monitoring installations. We also created a tactical transportable variant of the system to provide support to military operations to precisely pinpoint local targets of interest.

Our existing LOCATE and LOCATE (T) solutions provided the ability to direction find signals of interest to high degree of accuracy while position fixing target signals using two or more networked LOCATE systems. Geolocation and HF target development was further enhanced by Near Vertical Incidence intercept allowing operators to distinguish between multiple targets on the same frequency.



The system gave the customer the ability to monitor, segregate and geo-locate long range strategic targets combined with tactical battlefield HF communications in a congested and challenging frequency band, changing the game within the modern approach to communications surveillance.