Human Robot Collaboration (HRC)

This paper explores Roke’s pioneering approach to Human Robot Collaboration (HRC) and Augmented Reality (AR) for enhanced situational awareness and decision-making. By integrating advanced technologies like AR overlays and the Sensorium platform, we empower tactical decision makers with real-time insights and optimised resource utilisation.

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The paper highlights the integration of UGVs, UAVs, and Boston Dynamics’ Spot® into collaborative systems, showcasing the comprehensive capabilities of Roke’s ecosystem. The challenges faced by previous AR implementations are addressed and the need to integrate enabling technologies and customise applications for maximum impact are emphasised.

The team explain more in this short video.

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For a deeper look at the how we empower HRC, read our in-depth paper. We cover the following areas:

  • Classification of HRC
  • Empowering decision makers and unlocking AR
  • Decision making through integration
  • The power of squad dynamics
  • Augmented intelligence
  • Enhancing situational awareness
  • Technology challenges
  • Our vision

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