A hand writes on a chalk board

Today is National Puzzle Day, the perfect day to try and crack our truly on-brand brain teaser. Rokies are curious and unashamedly technical, and we love working closely with our customers to solve their most difficult challenges. Can you follow our philosophy and combine the Physical and the Digital to solve a complex problem?

International Puzzle Day 2022

The puzzle

Roke brings the physical and digital together to make the world a better place: we’re a catalyst!

Here's a Roke-themed cryptarithm (left). Each letter represents a different digit (0 to 9), except for I and S which share the same value. Can you find which number each letter stands for, to make the sum add up? There are two possible solutions. 

The answer is below, so don't scroll down too far just yet!

Need a hint?

If you're struggling to solve the problem with pen and paper, then it might help to know that I and S both have the value 3.

International Puzzle Day 2022

The answer

There are two ways to get to the solution to this puzzle, either;

H=2 I=3 L=7 A=1 C=6 D=9 G=8 P=5 T=4 Y=0 S=3


H=9 I=3 L=7 A=1 C=6 D=2 G=8 P=5 T=4 Y=0 S=3

Whichever method you choose you should come to the answer on the right.

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