15 March 2024 – Roke is proud to announce our participation in JOSCAR Zero as early adopter of the program. JOSCAR Zero is a pioneering decarbonisation programme by Hellios Information. This strategic collaboration reflects our commitment to environmental responsibility and determination to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

JOSCAR Zero collects, measures, and identifies how carbon emissions can be reduced across supply chains. This initiative empowers companies to systematically reduce their carbon footprint, implement sustainable practices, and work towards net-zero carbon operations.

JOSCAR Zero was developed in response to the government’s pledge to a 100% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, marking a significant milestone in the defence, aerospace, and security industry’s ongoing commitment to achieving net-zero by 2050.

We recognise the urgent need for businesses to take proactive measures in addressing climate change and we're excited to leverage the practical guidance and support offered by JOSCAR Zero.

As we embark on this transformative journey with JOSCAR Zero, we remain dedicated to nurturing a sustainable future while maintaining excellence in our core business operations.

Paul MacGregor, Managing Director of Roke said:

"Joining JOSCAR Zero is a significant milestone for Roke as we continue to evolve our sustainability strategy. This collaboration with Hellios through JOSCAR Zero will provide us with valuable insights and best practices to accelerate our journey towards a sustainable future."

Colin Maund, CEO of Hellios Information, commended Roke's commitment, stating:

JOSCAR Zero’s collaborative approach measures, manages, and cuts carbon emissions in the defence supply chain. Through community efforts and targeted advice, it builds on JOSCAR’s successful system, reducing redundancy and enhancing visibility. We’re especially mindful of supporting smaller suppliers throughout this process.”

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