An unmanned aerial vehicle in flight

Roke has developed a range of Miniature Radar Altimeters (MRAs) which allow for safe and controlled landings, even in high manoeuvrability situations. 

Working closely with customers to understand their needs, Roke evolved the MRA to enable it to cope with high speeds, whilst keeping the core hardware the same. Optimised algorithms respond quickly to changes in altitude, successfully overcoming the challenge for landing on operating air platforms and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Roke's range of MRAs include a Type 1 variant, capable of operating on platforms with ground speeds of up to 300 m/s within a range of up to 700m and down to 5m, as well as their Type 2 variant, operational from 100m down to an impressive 20cm, making it ideal for providing height measurements for landing, vertical take-off and low altitude flights.

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