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Dominating the battlespace

We design, manufacture and upgrade solutions to support the missions of our customers in multiple countries around the world. The unpredictable nature of modern warfare means we apply our expertise in the digital world to help you collect, communicate and understand data in the physical battlespace, to give you a decisive information advantage. And while our focus is on technology, we take human factors into account at every stage. All our products and services are designed with and for operators, to increase your competitiveness on the battlefield today and tomorrow.

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Gaining control of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) is critical in today’s data-driven, information-led warfare. Our electronic warfare, surveillance and signals intelligence products and solutions give you the capability to identify and disrupt your adversary’s radio, radar and other communications emissions, and interpret and exploit them as intelligence sources for strategic and tactical decision-making.

Discover more - CEMA
Discover more - CEMA

Our capabilities

Information Advantage

Your information and information systems are key weapons in the modern battlespace. Properly designed, they allow you to get inside and dislocate your adversary’s decision-making process, while simultaneously strengthening your own. Open, evergreen solutions seamlessly integrate  information sources, connecting the tactical edge with the enterprise to enable the development of campaigns that manoeuvre minds, as well as military resources.

Discover more - Information Advantage
Discover more - Information Advantage

Our capabilities


Freedom of manoeuvre is critical to mission success. We provide products that mitigate the threat posed by improvised explosive devices and protect the systems that we use for position, navigation and timing. In this way, we deny the adversary the ability to constrain manoeuvre and enable the force to deliver the mission.

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Defence consulting

Our expert consultants excel in delivering the skills, capabilities, tools and methodologies needed to identify solutions, including strategy development, business architecture & analysis, system engineering, enterprise & solution architecture, operational analysis and systems modelling.

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Customer support services

We offer comprehensive integrated logistic support services for our products, from creating technical documentation to delivering bespoke training sessions, enabling the equipment we provide to achieve a high level of availability and remain operational to full design limits.

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Roke won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2011

We were selected for the award in recognition of our RESOLVE electronic warfare manpack product. Designed for military use, RESOLVE is a step change in the technology that troops use, as no other electronic warfare system provides such a high level of direction-finding capability for soldiers on patrol.

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