A person looking at multiple screens that display Roke’s AI-powered PRISM sensor system.

Our dynamic, portable and deployable C-UAS system

In today’s world, with an uncertain geopolitical and national security outlook, it is more important than ever to be flexible, resilient and futureproof, and to be able to deploy solutions at speed and scale.

Roke’s AI-powered RapidEO sensor system is a dynamic all-in-one solution for detecting and confirming UAS threats. Portable, lightweight and requiring a limited power supply, RapidEO can be deployed at scale to protect vehicles, buildings and people. Its unique sensing agility allows it to protect against swarms and multi-axis attacks even in cluttered environments, raising the alarm and allowing decision-makers to respond quickly.

For networked and multi-sensor applications, Roke’s open-architecture fusion and autonomy engine, OMNISCIENT, brings a new level of flexible capability to the market. Unlike other closed and stovepiped solutions, this fully interoperable solution allows users to integrate their choice of sensor mix to best address a specific challenge.

An in-platform view of Roke’s AI-powered PRISM sensor system

Bringing unparalleled flexibility to the market

The UAS threat is growing rapidly. It poses risks to people, assets, and infrastructure. This threat challenges both civilian and military organisations. Countering this threat effectively requires a scalable and flexible solution set that can be deployed quickly and adapted to different applications. This often utilises layered sensing technology.

Roke Agile Counter-UAS is built to meet this developing threat head-on. It includes our scalable standalone C-UAS sensor system, RapidEO, and our pioneering open-architecture, interoperable fusion and autonomy engine, OMNISCIENT.  

It integrates sensor information using deep probabilistic algorithms to detect, classify, and identify targets, threats, and their behaviours, and can support a wide range of sensors including RADAR, LIDAR and EO/IR cameras, including Pan Tilt Zoom cameras as well as UAV and UGV platforms. The solution allows users to adapt deployment in record-breaking time and dominate the new threat.

Roke Agile Counter UAS features

Rapid detection and visualisation confirmation of threats

AI powered automatic threat recognition

Military grade data fusion engine

Integrates with wide range of additional sensors

SAPIENT and BSI Flex 335 Compliant

Autonomous camera control to image threats

Omniscient features

Target detection, tracking and classification

Probabilistic threat evaluation

Human readable alerts with threat images

Advanced target behaviour analysis

World-leading sensor control technology

Easy setup and configuration

Plug-and-play architecture

Automatic adaption to sensor failure

Geo-spatial interface

PTZ, RADAR, and UxV control

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