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Roke was founded in 1956, just six years after Alan Turing first posed his simple yet seminal question: ‘Can machines think?’ Today, we're an exciting community of 500+ engineers who are entirely focused on emerging technologies, innovation and transforming the way we live, work and play. Collectively, we challenge convention and use our extensive science and engineering expertise to improve the world by combining the physical and digital in new ways.

Our work is fundamentally about achieving mission impact through Digital Superiority. We deliver projects in-line with the needs of our clients through machine augmented operations, using our expertise in AI research and agile cloud software engineering. 

In this way, you gain insights into your data faster and more flexibly than your competitors, allowing you to better anticipate and influence your mission environment rather than react and respond to it.

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What makes Roke unusual?

Our size makes us large enough to have a huge impact, but small enough for every individual to make a positive influence. We are much closer to the frontline and we've been at the forefront of innovations in radar, sensors and communications for over 60 years.  

This heritage means that we have a deep understanding of the type of data that enters our customer’s ecosystems, providing a unique client mission cognisance. Using this insight, we work closely beside them, constantly developing new ways to deliver mission impact and accelerate digital transformation.

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