Two CCTV cameras

What is Media MinerTM

Advanced media searching

The world is generating an ever-increasing volume and variety of video data. We developed Media MinerTM, which finds images and video sequences that match an example image. Media MinerTM rapidly triages videos and images, finding common scenes and objects amongst huge quantities of imagery and video.

Key features & benefits

Find media, fast

Explore huge media repositories to discover similar images and videos based on an example image

Save time by seeing the most relevant media first

Identify common themes and categories in media data sets

Frame selection to prioritise media where something new has occurred

Image segmentation to find objects of interest within a scene

Integrate with your existing systems

Built to be deployed and scaled quickly

Parallel processing of data to maximise performance

Stage-based scaling, allowing for processing-heavy steps to scale further based on compute power available, including cloud

Intuitive web-based user interface

Easily integrate with other systems using an open API

Police operatives observing a CCTV system

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