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What is RENS? 

Accurate location and navigation without GPS

RENS is a completely passive system that can be used as a wearable technology or installed on powered platforms to help solve the location and mapping problem. It’s a fully-functional real-time, GNSS independent, navigation capability that is truly state-of-the-art, providing GPS-denied position and orientation information using hardware found in low-cost mid-range mobile phones.

Key features & benefits

No need for GPS or GNSS

No reliance on: GPS/GNSS, prior information, beacons, active sensors, surveyed infrastructure or loop closure events

Generates real-time navigation information at 20Hz

Navigation information includes 6 DoF position and orientation information with uncertainty errors as a service

Additional information includes time synchronised visual and inertial data processing as a service

No pre-configuration, parameter tuning or setting up conditions for different environments

Laboratory measured and real-world established linear drift rate with low gradient performance

Compatible with commercial off the shelf products

Exploits mobile phone ARM processors and low SWaP-C sensor hardware to minimise costs

Wearable in passenger cars, on bicycles, and drones

Compatible with Android mobile phones for user interaction on available maps over WiFi

Minimal sensor payload design using only a monocular camera and micro-electromechanical inertial measurement unit

Uses proprietary Roke computer vision and data fusion algorithms

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