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What is STARTLE®

Complex information fusion and advanced threat warning system

STARTLE® is a biologically inspired threat monitoring system that detects anomalous or threatening conditions by emulating the mammalian conditioned-fear response mechanism. It helps your teams rapidly detect and assess threats in complex and evolving situations.

Successful sea trials have demonstrated STARTLE® supporting the Royal Navy Command Team. Network protection teams have also used the platform to detect and assess cyber threats in large Enterprise-class networks world-wide.

Key features & benefits

Embeds human expertise

Provides transparency allowing threat reasoning to be validated by a human operator

Goal proving subsystem embeds human expertise

Provides an independent source of information to assist operator decision making

Threat detector triggers the threat analyser to investigate potential threats

Fast machine learning means STARTLE® can be quickly adapted

Frees up operator compute power for other important tasks

Rapidly detects and characterises threats autonomously using multiple sensor modalities

Automatically directs sensors and assets to obtain additional data from a particular sensor, data store or processing algorithm

Early recognition of threats enables quick response from human operators

Reduces operator workload in complex environments by highlighting items of concern

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